Tore Kjetil Johansen a.k.a. DJ K-mixx was born 21.11.73 in Porsgrunn, Norway.
K-Mixx started djing at the age of 12, at local youth clubs, and in 1989 he participated in the Norwegian DMC mixing championships as the youngest contender ever at the age of 15.
And he took home the third place. After his performance in the mixing championships he was picked up by the Danish booking agency Norbooking, Scandinavias biggest booking agency at the time.

After a lot of gigs around all over Scandinavia he went to Mallorca to represent Norway in the European DMC mixing contest. 1990 he became the second runner-up in the Norwegian DMC mixing championships, and represented Norway in the European finals in Holland and Germany. 1991 he did the same thing again. After this, K-Mixx went to Germany, playing different clubs for 4 months building up a good reputation before returning to Norway. He returned to Germany several times by public demand to play the same clubs that enjoyed his residency. When the house scene exploded in Norway K-Mixx was involved in several underground partys both as a DJ and as a promoter. In june 1995 he was offered residency at Taket club in Stavanger Norway, which he accepted. After a brief stay (jan to june) at Barock in Oslo, he returned to Taket. Later that year he hooked up with Dj Prince and made a few tracks under the name "Inferno". The first single "You ain't the first" made top 10 on the norwegian dancechart.

For the second single, "Move", the duo hooked up with Justin K to make the trio complete. Move hit number one on the same chart. Because of the number one hit, Inferno got loads of bookings all over Norway, as the Inferno DJ team using 4 turntables and a sampler/keyboard setup. At the same time they started their own record label, Phoropter Recordings. They produced other artists like Duo Derelict that got signed to Detective Records (EMI Sweden). The third inferno single, "This Beat" went top 10 in Norway, and in the meantime they also did remixes for Two Gees, Twin Energy and the Getaway People. They also released two singles as "IRS" on Detective. Both singles went top 20 in Sweden and top 15 in Norway.

Being busy in the studio and DJing 6 nights a week, K-Mixx also finds the time to promote his own Club concept, bringing in dj's such as Dj Tiesto, Johan Gielen, Misja Helsloot, Dj Ynos, Dj Claes, Dj Rocco, Chris Carr and Dj Pursuit. He is still working hard in the studio and as a DJ, still having his residency at Taket, Stavanger, in addition to gigs all over Scandinavia.

The latest single from Justin K and Dj K-Mixx, "Urban Warrior", is out on Mo'Bizz in Holland. The duo also remixed Dj Prince and Justin Ks "Got to have", and DJ Prince & Justin K's "Go"